A promo is a short film that tells your story within a minute or two.  The design and creation of that requires a complete understanding of your business, your brand and the message you want to tell.  The benefits for you are that you are taking on award-winning experts in telling stories in a short but highly effective way.  We are passionate in listening to you so we can help you all the way from concept to completion.



A panel discussion is a powerful way to give your audience a thorough understanding of your business.  It provides an opportunity for you to provide a clear, passionate story, which makes it highly engaging to your audience.  Structuring and creating such a film requires experience and skill. With our expertise in TV panel discussions, along with delivering TV news and documentary, we are perfectly placed to help you.


This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Talk about your team and what services you provide. Tell your visitors the story of how you came up with the idea for your business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are. Tip: Add your own image by double clicking the image and clicking Change Image.



Film is the perfect medium to illustrate your product or services. Often it is difficult for people to see the benefits of what you offer.  Educating your customers and clients leads to growth in your business. This adds real value to your business, which can lead to more profitable sales. Our expertise in science, medicine, finance will contribute in making the right video for you.          



A short documentary film, can touch hearts, as well as minds. Why I'm Pushing Pedal from Splott to Spit is a personal fund raising video that appeals to the audience to support Macmillan Cancer Support.        


A short promo explaining PharmaVentures business.We used an businessman using a modern day bow and arrow to describe the companies expertise in deal and alliances in the pharmacuetical industry.